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Adapt and Overcome with Amy Bream

May 25, 2022

Life is full of complexity -- just ask adaptive athlete Amy Bream, this episode's special guest. She was born with one leg, but that didn’t stop her from growing up to become a kickboxer. In 2021, she competed in the CrossFit Games, placing in the top five. And in 2022, she came in first at Wodapalooza — one of the biggest fitness competitions in the world. The key to her success? Controlling what she can. Join her, Ron and Chris as they discuss:

        -How self perception shapes how others interact with you

        -The power of showing up and believing in yourself

        -Amy’s viral moment at the CrossFit Games

        -Her partnership with Axonius

        -Her advice for those struggling to show up in life

Check out Amy's Controlling Complexity video, presented by Axonius: axonius.com/amybream 



Thank you to our Axonius, for bringing this episode to life!

Life is complex, but it’s not about avoiding challenges or fearing failure. Just ask Simone Biles — the greatest gymnast of all time. Want to learn more about how Simone controls complexity? Watch her video at axonius.com/simone


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